The Australian War Animal Memorial Organisation Inc. (AWAMO) is a registered non-profit charity made up of community members from diverse backgrounds that have the likeminded aim to recognize the deeds and sacrifices of all animal species, who have given their lives and their loyalty, serving alongside their human handlers in war and peace time. Read an interview with AWAMO president Nigel Allsopp.

The Australian War Animal Memorial Organisation (AWAMO)

AWAMO aim to educate future generations of the deeds and sacrifice made by all animals in service of our nation and seek to give a voice to those who have no voice.

In 2013 the Australian War Animal Memorial Organisation (AWAMO) introduced the purple poppy to Australia; it is sometime referred to as the “Animal Poppy”. Purple poppies are designed to be worn alongside the traditional red one as a reminder of their bravery and that both humans and animals served together. Funds raised from donations and the sale of Purple Poppies are used by AWAMO to establish memorials. They also fund training of support animals to help soldiers with post-traumatic stress, and provide care packages including paying for care for war animals retired from service due to illness, injury and old age after active service. View a list of AWAMO'S Achievements.

In July 2017 AWAMO established the first official Australian war animal memorial in the heart of the WWI battle fields near the town of Pozieres. You can find out more about the Poziere animal memorial here. They also successfully lobbied Federal parliament to make 24 February National War Animal day here in Australia. You can find out more about War Animal Day here.

Animals continue to serve in places like Afghanistan, where explosive detection dogs and their handlers work the frontline. Your support will help Australia's war animals receive the recognition they deserve.

"It is my wish that next Memorial Day when we think of all our soldiers who gave their lives in war, please pause a thought for the four legged and winged hero's that fought and died alongside our troops. Hopefully one day we can not only stop sending our sons and daughters to war but our pets too".Nigel Allsopp, president AWAMO